Why Choose Corporate Housing in Mayfield Village, Ohio?

mayfield Corporate housing

When you need to travel for an extended amount of time because of your job, you may not be too sure about where you’re going to live. To make things easier for workers of all professions and trades, we’ve built this list of five major advantages that corporate housing in Mayfield Village, Ohio has over your typical hotel room. Read on to learn about affordability, furnished apartments, and more.


One of the first advantages of corporate housing is affordability. If you choose to use a hotel as a temporary residence while away for work, odds are high the hotel will not give you a discount on your room no matter how long you stay. Hotel business models simply aren’t developed with such situations in mind. Corporate housing, on the other hand, is specifically designed for individuals away on work for varying amounts of time. It’s for this reason that this housing option tends to be more affordable for individuals who plan on staying in a particular area for longer than a month.

Quality Furniture

Quality furniture is yet another advantage that corporate housing has over hotels. With the exception of luxury resorts in exotic locales, hotels aren’t necessarily known for their comfortable mattresses, couches, and chairs. In fact, quite the opposite seems to be true. With furnished housing in Mayfield Village, however, residents are free to lounge around in top notch furniture of their own choosing. The Village at Mayfield has an agreement with several local furniture stores so that our residents may lease furniture throughout their stay from vendors like Cort Furniture and Northeast Factory Direct.

A Sense of Home

The ability to furnish your temporary residence with items of your own choosing is a great start when making your place seem more like home, but you can always take it one step further. If you’re the type of person who loves to decorate, head on out to the local Home Goods store on Cedar Road to find an eclectic collection of vases, picture frames, area rugs, and more. Filling your space with items that represent parts of your personality is a great way to diminish any feelings of homesickness you might experience while you’re away.

Fully Functioning Kitchens

Fully functioning kitchens are perhaps one of the greatest advantages of corporate housing. Even if you’re the type of person who enjoys going out for lunch or dinner, constantly having meals outside of home can quickly get expensive. Having your own personal kitchen allows you to cook a majority of meals so that you can save some extra cash. It’s also simply nice to be able to have a home-cooked meal every once in a while.

Reliable Utilities

While it’s true that nearly every hotel has internet nowadays, it’s not uncommon for hotel wifi to experience spotty connections. And when you’re away on business, this simply isn’t acceptable. Not only does every corporate housing suite at the Village of Mayfield have reliable internet and phone connections, there’s also a Business Center in the community common area, which is great for added privacy.