The 4 Best Places to Study at Case Western Reserve University

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If you were one of the lucky few that got away with minimal studying in high school, then know that you will not get away with the same when living off-campus at Case Western Reserve University. No matter what major you get into, CWRU is an extremely rigorous school that requires ample amounts of studying. However, instead of dreading your study hours, you can optimize the time and make it as pleasant as possible. The good news is that there are plenty of excellent study spots around campus that allow you to hit the books and ace your tests. Here are the best places to study near Case Western’s campus so that you can get the most out of your sessions.

If You Want Quiet: The Third Floor of the Kelvin Smith Library

If you are the type of person that does best in a quiet setting, then the third floor of the Kelvin Smith Library is an ideal place to hit the books. There are a plethora of cubbies to choose from so that you can get some peace and quiet without getting distracted by anyone else. Additionally, there is a silent study room that you can go to for intense study hours. If you go with the cubby, then make sure to get one with a window view so that you do not feel too holed up.

If You Want to Spread Out: First and Second Floor of KSL

If you like to spread out when you study, then the library is also a great spot. KSL has many large tables throughout each floor that will let you get plenty of space for your study materials. These tables also come in handy when you are doing a group project or want to have a study sesh with a few classmates.

If You Want to Study at a Café: Rising Star Coffee Rosters

Rising Star Coffee offers high-quality coffee without the ritzy feel. This makes it more than ideal for college students who want to stay caffeinated while they study away. The coffee itself is both fresh and delicious, which will keep your morale high, even if you have a stack of flash cards ahead of you. Additionally, this quaint café has outstanding customer service, so all your needs will be taken care of while you study, and you’ll feel right at home. Rising Star also has delicious baked goods, so if you get hungry, there are plenty of snacking options.

If You Want to Study in a Comfortable Atmosphere: The Thwing Center

The Thwing Center is an excellent place to study if you want a cozy place that isn’t too quiet. You can enjoy spreading out your study materials on the atrium tables when you have a lot to do, or getting nice and cozy in one of the chairs to get your reading done.