A Renter’s Guide to Moving to Mayfield Village, Ohio

Sometimes, you want to live in a tight knit community, where the majority of people know your name. If that is the case for you, moving to Mayfield Village, OH, a town with a population of slightly  more than 3,000 people and a total area of less than four square miles, might be just the thing. Having some basic information will help  make the transition to Mayfield go as smoothly as possible.

The Details of Moving

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During any move, there are three main things to worry about: Packing and loading, finding a truck, and avoiding injury. One way to avoid injury is to avoid lifting things that are just too heavy. Instead, try packing items into small boxes. If you have big pieces of furniture, recruit family and friends to help you haul them to and from the truck. Moving long distance on your own often means renting a truck for a one-way trip, then returning the truck to a drop-off point in your new town. While there are no U-haul drop-off locations in Mayfield, there is one just a 10-minute drive away, in Euclid.

Organizing Your Space

The U-haul location in Euclid also offers storage units, through New Beginnings Storage, if you find that you brought just a bit too much stuff to your new apartment. Enlisting the help of a professional organizer, such as Organizing4U can help you make the best use of the space in your apartment. A pro organizer will help you with the unpacking process and can help you figure out what goes where when you’re renting in Mayfield Village, Ohio.


Tangled Network
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Moving to any  new place often means spending some time on the phone getting your utilities hooked up. Time Warner Cable can provide you with cable television, an Internet connection and a home phone, if wanted. While you can bundle the three services with the company for a discount, you also have the option of ordering services a la carte.

Where to Shop

When it’s time to stock up on cleaning supplies, groceries and other necessities, you have a few options in or near the town. Heinen’s  is a family-owned grocery store that sells the basics, from fresh produce to prepared or frozen foods. It also offers organic foods, natural beauty products, and a wide selection of vitamins and other supplements. If you’re the type of shopper to buy in bulk and really stock up, joining the local Costco, located about three miles away, in Cleveland, might be a good  choice. The warehouse is open to members only, but can be worth the price of membership for some shoppers.

Whether this is your first move or your 10th, making sure it goes smoothly will help you get adjusted to your new place more quickly. Once you’re unpacked and settled, the adventure of living in a new town can really begin.