Expect Traditional Italian Cuisine at Piccolo Restaurant


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Find the vibrant tastes of Italy right here in Mayfield Heights at Piccolo Restaurant. Serving traditional dishes with fresh local ingredients, Piccolo offers everything from sandwiches and hand-made sausages to pasta dishes and a fantastic cocktail menu. Try the breaded and stuffed eggplant with ricotta, spinach and mozzarella, or the Porchetta Sandwich, or Italian sausage… Read more »

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Inspired by the idea that good food should be affordable for everyone, Two Bucks serves pub food classics made with freshest ingredients and never sacrificing taste and quality. Redefining the value menu, Two Bucks offers ultimate comfort food classics, like crispy wings, creamy mac and cheese, and burgers. All foods are hand-prepared in-house and made… Read more »

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Lola Bistro & Wine Bar is an award-winning American restaurant in downtown Cleveland, owned and operated by award-winning chef and James Beard Foundation winner Michael Symon. For a restaurant generating so much buzz, Lola Bistro and Wine Bar is surprisingly affordable, especially when compared with restaurants of similar accord: Dinner entrees range from $25 to… Read more »

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Pacific Grill is a new take on Japanese-Burmese fusion food in the Cedar Center North main shopping center. Pacific Grill is run by the same owners who operate Pacific East Sushi in Woodmere, and is meant to be the first of many locations. Offering a fast-casual dining experience, Pacific Grill is an affordable and convenient… Read more »

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Brian Okin and Adam Bostwick may not be brothers by blood, but the brothers-in-law operate like family at Graffiti: A Social Kitchen. As chefs and co-owners, they curate a menu of revamped American fare, and the results are basically edible works of art. The parade of masterpieces begins with starters like the fried confit chicken… Read more »

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The traditional wood-burning oven at Citizen Pie serves as the cornerstone of the kitchen. Regardless of which fresh ingredients chefs piece together, the scorching oven must swallow the pizza up and bake it to bubbly before relinquishing the pie back into the hands of a chef, and, eventually, customers. What comes from the oven, precisely,… Read more »

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If you leave the extra crust behind when eating a slice of pizza, the chefs at Crust say you're missing out. They take such great care in crafting every crust at their pizzeria that it's more than a mere afterthought, it's the main event. The kitchen team kneads dough from scratch, lets it rise for… Read more »

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New Creation Farm resides in Chardon, OH, within a 45-minute drive of Cleveland. The ranch sells pasture-raised beef and lamb, free-range chicken, and heritage pork using humane, sustainable practices. It's the farm that Bold Food & Drink works with to source its juicy steaks—meaning they don't have far to travel from farm to fork. When… Read more »

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In the late 1940s, this building was called “Mom Socotch’s Restaurant.” Reborn as Happy Dog, the interior looks pretty much the same as it did 60 years ago, with an ancient oval bar, chrome stools, wood paneling, and low lights. This isn’t retro, it’s not chic — it’s a survivor, the kind of neighborhood bar… Read more »

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Don’t look for the same old tacos and burritos here; Momocho draws on Mexican tradition to create a bold, modern menu that’s famous across northeast Ohio. The decor certainly isn’t what you expect; low lights and large photos of Mexican wrestlers are a long way from your typical cantina, but that’s the point. Taquitos can… Read more »