Vegans Will Love These Inspirational Pinterest Recipe Boards


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Whether you're a vegan or you simply try to cut out meat a few days a week, vegan dining is a great way to improve your health and do some good for the environment. Here are a few inspiring Pinterest boards that are filled with vegan recipes that are sure to get your mouth watering…. Read more »

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If you find yourself tucking away all of that extra clutter every time you clean your home, you may wonder how you can get rid of it for good. Instead of managing the clutter in your home, these smart, space-saving tips will show you how to control your clutter by getting rid of it completely…. Read more »

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You may love to cook, but baking is a whole different story. From measuring ingredients to timing the oven perfectly, there are a number of things that could go wrong while baking a cake or making cookies. Luckily, these no-bake recipes don't require any of the complicated parts of baking — but they do give… Read more »

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Don't have a traditional dining room table? You'll be happy to know that there are still a number of other ways to have your friends over for dinner. Here are a few smart tips for hosting a dinner party even without a dining room. Think buffet-style. Avoid the sit-down feel right from the beginning by… Read more »

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It’s not uncommon for renters to have restrictions when it comes to making changes to the look of the unit; however, there are a number of other ways to brighten up your space without the use of paint. Here are just a few! Add a pop of color in the kitchen by mixing and matching… Read more »

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Whether you're working with limited space or you're simply looking for something more unique than traditional furniture, there are a number of reasons why you might want to skip the usual squared nightstand and opt for something a bit more tailored to your needs. Here are just five great alternatives to the usual bedside table… Read more »

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Out of every room in your home, the kitchen seems to be the space that gets used the most—and it's also the space that's first to attract clutter! Sound like you? Follow these tips to help maintain order in your busy kitchen. Go through your cabinets and donate or toss out the items that are… Read more »

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You may think you need to spend big bucks to revamp your apartment's decor, but that's not always the case. Lucky for budget-conscious renters, there are a number of ways to make a big impact on your apartment's decor without overspending. Here are just a few affordable updates that will breathe new life into your… Read more »

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Finding stylish home decor and furniture doesn't have to bust your budget. Visit the following stores to find unique and trendy home decor and furniture at prices that won’t break the bank! Cost Plus World Market is an affordable retail store that sells unique home furniture, decor, rugs, curtains, gifts, coffee, wine, and so much… Read more »

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Going to a job interview can be stressful, but adequate preparation can help relieve some of your anxiety. The more you prepare, the more comfortable you will be during your interview. Here are some tips to help you nail your next interview. Practice answering typical interview questions and take time to think of examples to… Read more »