North Chagrin Reservation: A Peaceful Gateway to Nature

August 2015

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North Chagrin Reservation is one of the most beautiful natural areas in the entire Mayfield Village area, home to wildlife sanctuaries and areas for outdoor recreation since its establishment in the 1920s. Today, this large natural park contains a nature center and education building that provide information about the area’s natural landscape and wildlife to… Read more »

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If you’re looking for the perfect pair of jeans to add major style to your wardrobe, you’re sure to find them at Richmond Town Square. This upscale shopping destination is one of the most popular in Mayfield Village due to its vast selection of national retailers and its modern, well-designed layout. Stroll through the spacious… Read more »

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If you want to decorate your walls with photos or artwork without filling your rental with nail holes, there are a number of other ways to hang frames. Check out these creative alternatives to the usual photo-hanging methods. Adhesive strips. Venture out to any home goods store or supercenter and you’ll likely find adhesive photo-hanging… Read more »