Treat Yourself to a Strawberry Shortcake Doughnut at Jack Frost Donuts

April 2015

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Your favorite breakfast cereals are given new life at Jack Frost Donuts, where doughnuts are made from scratch daily, infused with sweet cereals like Trix and Fruit Pebbles. Other ingenuitive flavors include strawberry shortcake, fluffernutter, maple bacon, key lime, and peanut butter and jelly. Jack Frost Donuts marks the spot where donuts meet high art!… Read more »

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Lola isn’t just one of Cleveland’s top restaurants — it’s regionally and nationally significant. Chef Michael Symon will do nothing less than change your perspective on American classics. Case in point: the fried bologna sandwich, a combination of egg, raw milk cheddar, Dijon aioli, frisee, and pickled red onion on an English muffin. It’s somehow… Read more »

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At Lilly Handmade Chocolates, truffles and chocolates are made daily in the shop by chocolatiers who know their stuff. The dark stuff isn’t too bitter, and the milk chocolate isn’t too sweet. Old favorites, like dark chocolate salted caramel are popular, but creativity abounds, from the Red Planet truffle (dark chocolate, Syrah-soaked strawberries, black pepper… Read more »

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While the Smithsonian is fascinating, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is always a sight to see, some lesser-known American museums are just as interesting—if a bit weirder! If you have a flair for all things out of the ordinary, these unique museums are worth a visit. 1) International Cryptozoology Museum Cryptozoology is… Read more »

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Everything is starting to bud and bloom! What are you doing to enjoy this lovely change in weather?